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This includes: Unsmoothed Highpoly Files as FBX Lowpoly Files as FBX All Texture Files as TGA Read MoreRead Less
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This FREE Package includes the Upper and Lower Receiver of the Rifle. Both the Highpoly and the Lowpoly & Textures are included. The Highpoly is unsmoothed so you can see how the modelling was done! Because of the MB restrictions of the Freebie this only includes 2k Textures. Read MoreRead Less
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00| Release v.1.3 | FULL | 4 months ago
10 stars . i got this for ue4 completely worth the money. dealing with the textures is not a big deal. guns are broken down into lots of smaller parts. that's awesome for vr and regular games easy modding well worth the money. i sent the maker a question and he responded to me almost instantly. if your on the fence about getting this you shouldn't be. just do it give this guys profile link a click and look at his other packs im defiantly picking up his vector as well
00| Release v.1.3 | FULL | 5 months ago
Love the model very close to the real parts aswell, Guy seems lovely aswell, alwaysa nice bonus when people care
00| Release v.1.3 | FULL | 6 months ago
How is this not compatible with UE4? All you have to do is import the FBX file and the textures. Then create materials. Plug in the appropriate textures into the nodes. All the textures have names and what map type they are. This is an absolute gem. And for only $9?! Simply amazing. I honestly hope you would make a sniper rifle like this. I would jump to buy that as well!!!
010| Release v.1.3 | FULL | 9 months ago
Not compatible with Unreal Engine. You have to redo everything, and put back all the textures one by one ... I'm disappointed
9 months ago
Sorry to hear that! Yea this is not an set up Unreal Scene, and i never said it was. But just to be correct here, it is compatible with unreal (Model and Texure wise) you just need to set it up yourself. You need to set up the shaders in whatever engine you wanna work with this. This is ONLY the Assets and the Textures. As stated in the product!
31| Release v.1.3 | FULL | 10 months ago
Awesome! This is a huge help to understand how the weapon was made. The overall quality of the model and texture is simply outstanding!
10| Release v.1.3 | FULL | 10 months ago
Thank you for sharing this,the quality is superb! Will study this and also buy your other tutorial, a MUST have for anyone looking into comparing the low to high work
10 months ago
Thanks a lot man!
10| Release v.1.3 | FULL | 11 months ago
Florian is an amazing artist! This is one of many assets I have purchased from him and it is absolutely topnotch! 10/5
10 months ago
Thanks a lot for the kind words :)
00| Release v.1.3 | FULL | 11 months ago
This is a great model. Perfect for any use. I got the model to learn more about how to create a sexy gun model like this one and I have to say this is a really good for that. you can learn all by looking at this model and I would recommend it to anyone.
10 months ago
Thanks a lot for your review!
00| Release v.1.3 | FULL | 12 months ago
Perfect model. Good topology in High-poly and also in low-poly. Thanks for Sharing.
12 months ago
Thanks a lot!
00| Release v.1.3 | FULL | 12 months ago
Great model, learnt a lot from it!
12 months ago
thanks a lot! Glad to hear!

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