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10| Release v.1.3 | Standard Use License | 4 months ago
Just bought this product and it looks really good.However I can't make it going. Maya simply doesn't recognize the PYC as a phyton script. Could you explain why I'm getting an error( using maya 2022) ?
00| Release v.1.3 | Standard Use License | 7 months ago
Works like a charm - worth every penny!
00| Release v.1.3 | Standard Use License | 11 months ago
Must-have script for Maya when you inevitably delete your subdivision history or when you receive models from other people that are overly-subdivided. Had an issue on my end (mainly not having PyMel enabled in Maya) but Nick was super quick to respond to my issues. Keep up the great work Nick, awesome scripts so far.
10| Release v.1.3 | Standard Use License | over 1 year ago
Badass, working really well so far. Received some files that had all their subd modifiers collapsed and this made quick work of them. Beware though this script does NOT work on triangulated meshes.
10| Release v.1.3 | Standard Use License | over 1 year ago
Приводил в порядок свою библиотеку, один из моих старых флоатов не сохранился. Откопал его другом проекте, но сетка там уже была очень плотная, стандартными средствами майки нормально почистить не вышло. Вспомнил, что видел где-то в чате этот скрипт. Свою задачу он выполнил в полном объёме, моя старая сетка была возращена к жизни. Спасибо автору :)
over 1 year ago
Супер, реальный кейс! )
30| Release v.1.3 | Standard Use License | almost 2 years ago
Story short: in 1978 two computer scientists Edwin Catmull and Jim Clark introduce their subdivision algorithm. in 2006 pair named Sandrine Lanquetin and Marc Neveu release paper called Reverse Catmul-Clark Subdivision. in 2012 guy named Marius Silaghi write working prototype script for reverse subdivision. But he decides to make some money, hides .py script and release stand aplone app, and a plugin for 3dsMAX asking 50USD for that . in 2020 guy named Nick Barre finaly release working script for MAYA for only 8 bucks. Much recomend 5 stars
over 1 year ago
Hi, thank you very much for such interesting review! I really based my script on Sandrine Lanquetin and Marc Neveu article. I remember that nights that I spent to understand their formulas :) Big thanks them also!
20| Release v.1.3 | Standard Use License | about 2 years ago
Cool script! I I needed to reconstruct some mesh, I tried in zbrush but with no result, because this mesh was subdivided in maya and had some ngons before subdivision. But this one deal with it!

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