Painting With Texture  

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Files (6)
01- For Streaming - Painting With Texture - Real-Time Demo.mp4
mp4 / 440 MB
02- Finishing Touches - Timelapse.mp4
mp4 / 340 MB
abr / 50 MB
psd / 18 MB
txt / 2 KB
01- Painting With Texture - Real-Time Demo - (LARGE File Size Version).mp4
mp4 / 6.1 GB

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Reviews (5)
11| Release v.1.1 | Standard Use License | 10 months ago
not good...
00| Release v.1.1 | Standard Use License | 10 months ago
Excellent! lots of great advice and easy to follow
00| Release v.1.1 | Standard Use License | 11 months ago
The video is crisp and stable and the voice and diction is very clear. The smaller 440mb main video will be appreciated by those who want to send it to a tablet for viewing. The techniques here are well explained, and there is a lot of good advice to be had. ArtRage is the starter software for the quick line sketch and rough blocking, during which we get a useful insight into blocking workflows and several time-saving tips. Then most of the video is in Photoshop and working with Wesley's brushes, which are included as an ABR file. Overall this definitely useful for those who want to paint portraits from photos, without the results looking too much like a "painting from a photo". (Note the Readme has additional terms that excludes the final .PSD picture from ArtStation's standard store licencing deal, something which should ideally be stated on the store page itself).
10| Release v.1.1 | Standard Use License | about 1 year ago
maravilloso. LIKEEEE
00| Release v.1.1 | Standard Use License | about 1 year ago
Very cool, hope to see more tutorials this way from you!

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