How to find work (in Video-Games) - Guide

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00| Release v.1.1 | Standard Use License | 3 months ago
Miguel's guide on finding work is really thoughtfully written. There's a lot of great advice for both freelance and studio settings, and it has actionable steps that the reader can take immediately. He's provided examples of portfolio layout with detailed explanation on the thought process, successful and unsuccessful cover letters, and forum posts for advertisement. I appreciated the examples of the cover letters and the comparisons/thoughts on what works as this is something people don't talk about in depth often. Understanding the thought process behind the steps is great. It lets you actually apply this knowledge to yourself and figure out what works best for you rather than just trying to copy what someone else did. There's also a huge list of forum links for both freelance advertisements and job postings; super helpful, and also makes the search for freelance work a little less intimidating!

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