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Reviews (32)
00| Release v.2.42 | Personal Use | about 1 month ago
Works perfectly on ZBrush and Maya, both in 2022 version. Thank you so much. A lot of time saved!
00| Release v.2.42 | Personal Use | about 1 month ago
A great plugin; I use it every day.
00| Release v.2.42 | Personal Use | 2 months ago
00| Release v.2.42 | Commercial Use | 4 months ago
I absolutly love this tool. However would it be possible to add a option to update the maya meshes from zbrush export as well? Similary to how you can update zbrush subtools location from maya. That would improve my workflow immensely!
00| Release v.2.42 | Personal Use | 4 months ago
Seems to work perfectly, however It would be great if there was an option to triangulate the export from Maya (without triangulating the object in the scene). ZBrush's triangulation is unreliable for me, so I always have to triangulate in Maya before moving to ZBrush, and then undo that triangulation after exporting. It can be quite annoying. -EDIT- Thanks for the suggestion Gabriel. I suppose it is only modifying the export, so yeah that seems to be a good solution. Appreciate the response.
4 months ago
Thank you for the review. In case you didn't know, you can use the option "Fix Mesh" under "Mesh Integrity", which will triangulate all the ngons at export among other things. Just be aware that this option will also clean up a bunch of other stuff like non-manifold geometry, so you could end up with unexpected results. However, it is non-destructive and will apply these operations only on the exported mesh. Hopefully, it will suit your needs.
00| Release v.2.42 | Personal Use | 5 months ago
Fast and efficient! thank you
00| Release v.2.42 | Personal Use | 7 months ago
This is a great tool, great for simple and quick operation.
00| Release v.2.42 | Personal Use | 9 months ago
Why can't I update the model? I can only add the model. I installed it correctly
9 months ago
You can update the model when importing in ZBrush if the name matches and you have the correct option selected (See documentation). In Maya, you can only add the model on import. This plugin was intended to work this way and unfortunately, you will not be able to update the model in Maya if that's what you're looking for. For any issues, I recommend to send me a private message on ArtStation.
00| Release v.2.42 | Personal Use | 9 months ago
Nice tool!
00| Release v.2.42 | Personal Use | 9 months ago
Excellent tool!

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