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Files (67)
1. Modeling in Maya and Sculpting in Zbrush
zip / 12 GB
Chapter 98 Setting up Vertex Color in HighPoly as Material ID.mkv
mkv / 98 MB
Chapter 99 Baking in Toolbag.mkv
mkv / 170 MB
Chapter 100 Spot Fixing some paint errors through offsets.mkv
mkv / 300 MB
Chapter 101 More Spot Fixing and Artifact Cleanup.mkv
mkv / 48 MB
Chapter 102 Model Correction Artifact Cleanup in Toolbag.mkv
mkv / 280 MB
Chapter 103 Final Baking in Toolbag All support maps.mkv
mkv / 85 MB
Chapter 104 Setting up Substance Painter file.mkv
mkv / 80 MB
Chapter 105 Preparation for Texture Painting in Substance Painter.mkv
mkv / 54 MB
Chapter 106 Blocking out our Materials in painter.mkv
mkv / 180 MB
Chapter 107 Blockout Materials part two.mkv
mkv / 35 MB
Chapter 108 Initial Material Blockout Substance Painter.mkv
mkv / 480 MB
Chapter 126 Setting up Marmoset and Lighting Explorations.mkv
mkv / 780 MB
Chapter 127 Final Light Setup, Alternate Way or This is the Way.mkv
mkv / 630 MB
Chapter 128 Exporting out Marmoset Viewer.mkv
mkv / 61 MB
Chapter 131 The Final 1 percent texture painting (Bonus).mkv
mkv / 74 MB
Chapter 118 Cleaning up the emissive, more Handpainting.mkv
mkv / 75 MB
Chapter 119 More handpainting pass to match the concept, roughness breakup.mkv
mkv / 630 MB
Chapter 120 Adding Universal sharp dirt and dust.mkv
mkv / 130 MB
Chapter 121 Handpainting Pass overall, Color and Roughness Breakup.mkv
mkv / 220 MB
Chapter 122 More Emissive Map Painting.mkv
mkv / 180 MB
Chapter 123 Handpainting pass the final 10 percent.mkv
mkv / 280 MB
Chapter 124 Rendering techniques in Substance Painter.mkv
mkv / 620 MB
Chapter 125 Exporting Textures out of Substance Painter.mkv
mkv / 45 MB
Chapter 129 The Last five percent substance painter.mkv
mkv / 680 MB
Chapter 130 The Final 2 percent Texture Painting (Bonus).mkv
mkv / 630 MB
Chapter 109 Adding Grunge Material Variations in Substance Painter Blade.mkv
mkv / 270 MB
Chapter 110 Gold Trims substance painter pass.mkv
mkv / 120 MB
Chapter 111 Leather Substance Painter Pass.mkv
mkv / 120 MB
Chapter 112 Troubleshooting Material ID errors.mkv
mkv / 35 MB
Chapter 113 Base Metal Axe Holder Material Pass.mkv
mkv / 160 MB
Chapter 114 Emissive Painting Pass.mkv
mkv / 270 MB
Chapter 115 Base Skull Color Variation Handpainting Pass.mkv
mkv / 570 MB
Chapter 116 Gold Trim on the Blade Painting Pass.mkv
mkv / 180 MB
Chapter 117 Gold Trim on the Blade Painting Pass part 2.mkv
mkv / 670 MB
Chapter 78 Retopology Main Axe Part 4 (No Audio).mkv
mkv / 1.5 GB
Chapter 79 Retopology Main Axe Part 5 (No Audio).mkv
mkv / 980 MB
Chapter 80 Retopology Main Axe Part 6 (No Audio).mkv
mkv / 1.8 GB
Chapter 81 Preparing the Back Axe for Decimation.mkv
mkv / 29 MB
Chapter 82 Back Axe Retopology Part 1.mkv
mkv / 780 MB
Chapter 83 Back Axe Retopology Part 2.mkv
mkv / 71 MB
Chapter 84 Preparing the Handle for Retopology and Start.mkv
mkv / 620 MB
Chapter 85 Bottom Blade Retopology.mkv
mkv / 560 MB
Chapter 86 Finishing the Handle Retopology Part 1.mkv
mkv / 1.2 GB
Chapter 87 Finishing the Handle Retopology Part 2.mkv
mkv / 540 MB
Chapter 94 Export 3D Coat, Maya UV techniques, Setting up SoftenHarden Edges.mkv
mkv / 1.4 GB
Chapter 95 Using 3DCoat for Laying Out UVs, Using HardenEdge Script, UVlayout.mkv
mkv / 520 MB
Chapter 96 Troubleshooting of the Model.mkv
mkv / 200 MB
Chapter 97 Final Troubleshooting of the Model Part 2.mkv
mkv / 330 MB
Chapter 72 Retopo in 3Dcoat.mkv
mkv / 200 MB
Chapter 73 Preparing First Mesh for Retopo.mkv
mkv / 91 MB
Chapter 74 Main Axe Blade Retopo.mkv
mkv / 550 MB
Chapter 75 Retopology Continuation for Main Axe Part 1.mkv
mkv / 640 MB
Chapter 76 Retopology Continuation for Main Axe Part 2.mkv
mkv / 1.2 GB
Chapter 77 Retopology Continuation for Main Axe Part 3.mkv
mkv / 1.1 GB
Chapter 88 Finishing the Handle Retopology Part 3.mkv
mkv / 180 MB
Chapter 89 Retopology for the Blade Holder Setting Custom Symmetry.mkv
mkv / 940 MB
Chapter 90 finishing the Blade Holder Retopology.mkv
mkv / 1 GB
Chapter 91 Setting up BladeHolder to be retopologized with other Finished Meshes.mkv
mkv / 260 MB
Chapter 92 Connecting the BladeHolder to the Finished Meshes retopology.mkv
mkv / 130 MB
Chapter 93 Final Retopo Pass Cleanup.mkv
mkv / 830 MB
zip / 2.4 GB
BONUS! Chapter 101 Using skew map painting to fix the bakes (broken audio).mkv
mkv / 460 MB
BONUS! Chapter 102 Correcting Smoothing Groups in Toolbag and Troubleshooting (broken audio).mkv
mkv / 220 MB
BONUS! Chapter 103 Setting up toolbag bake version 1 (broken audio).mkv
mkv / 190 MB
BONUS! Chapter 104 Setting up toolbag bake version 2 (broken audio).mkv
mkv / 240 MB
BONUS! Chapter 105 Spot fixing our bakes (broken audio).mkv
mkv / 270 MB

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Reviews (12)
10| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | 1 day ago
This in-depth tutorial is full of cool techniques. Totally worth the purchase.
10| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | 2 days ago
Bought the tutorial, the axe source assets are a great way to study by itself, browsed through the videos looks promising.
10| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | 3 days ago
awesome tutorial! learning a lot, havent finished yet will update the review.
10| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | 3 days ago
First impression because there's just so much content! So far, Kris does a great job explaining each and every single part of the process for creating this asset. I can't give full comprehensive review because there's just so much information but if they rest of the videos maintain consistent quality then this is a great set of tutorials. May be a bit hit or miss depending on how people like learning, but IF you like seeing every part of the process then I strongly recommend this.
10| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | 3 days ago
Tutorial tackles all the important topics in the pipeline of creating an asset. What I like most about this tutorial is Kris discusses the usual problems that you'll probably encounter as you go along the process and solve it. Not many other tutorials talk about that and I think it's what makes this unique in a way.
10| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | 4 days ago
Will start on this tutorial. looking forward for this.
10| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | 4 days ago
Came here for the Skull Axe, stayed for the education. 3D isn't even my main discipline but Kris makes it very easy to understand. I highly recommend this to anyone trying to get into games
10| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | 4 days ago
Helps me to better understand the game asset creation. It's a must have tutorial
10| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | 5 days ago
I'm still halfway in the tutorial, but I'm enjoying it already for the price I paid, I already learned so many hidden workflow techniques and concepts already.
20| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | 5 days ago
helps me understand the game art pipeline more. Currently at the modeling/sculpting phase, enjoying and learning a lot, can't wait to finish the rest. checked out the source assets and its pretty legit and worth it :)

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