BUNDLE: Characters in Motion/Red Wreck/BONUS: Fall into Winter

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00Report| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | over 1 year ago
Stellar. Flaptraps is my hero. Do everything this guy tells you to do. He knows what he is talking about. The characters in motion alone is invaluable.
00Report| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | over 2 years ago
Nice tutorials!
10Report| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | over 2 years ago
It's incredible to see how a professional from the industry works! Nice showcases here
Thanks a lot!! happy it helps
30Report| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | about 3 years ago
For me top-class tutorials!! Very helpful and informative! The ‘Characters in Motion’ in particular, helped me a ton with bringing more gesticulation and movement to my characters; or even just in making some sketches with quite simple ‘stickman’ figures in more energetic and interesting poses (whether from imagination, or by applying Richard’s tips to references). It is also cool for me to now be able to start with these ‘stickman’ figures and then develop them into characters (regardless whether in more dynamic or static poses). The ‘Red Wreck’ tutorial focuses more on the concept art/key frame/illustration, and was amazing! There are a lot of tips and tricks in there, including pretty much two full processes (starting from blank canvas to two awesome pieces). I think that this tutorial will be worth coming back to. Finally the bonus process video from ‘Fall into Winter’ (just like with ‘Red Wreck’, except without commentary), was a pure joy to watch for me. Highly recommend!!
30Report| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | over 3 years ago
incredibly helpful!!
20Report| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | over 3 years ago
love your tutorials! I'd hope that you will continue making more videos as they are extremely insightful! Highly Highly recommended! :)
Thank you, I will try :)

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