Jobs at Second Dinner

Irvine, California, USA


 We’re a small studio and we think staying small means we can move fast and give everyone a feeling of ownership.  We only plan to grow to 15-20 people total over the next few years.

 We think there’s a huge opportunity to make deep, satisfying games that are optimized for mobile, and we’re currently working on a game that we’re really excited about.  We have a kernel of a fun idea and we’ve been playtesting it as an early prototype together.  We’re still forming, so people who join us at this stage will have a massive impact on both the game and the company.

 Second Dinner is fully funded, so we think we have everything we need to take our first game all the way over the finish line. We offer competitive salaries, benefits, and stock options for our fulltime employees. It feels like a start-up over here, but without the risk of running out of money before our next milestone.

 We think a diverse team with varied perspectives makes us a better company, and will help us make better games. If you think you bring something new to the table and will expand our point of view, that’s huge upside. Please apply!

 Come help us define what Second Dinner is. Get in on the ground floor of something awesome and come hungry!

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