A variety of smart materials I have been using on a recent scene. 

Clay DB
Leather DB
Leather Dark DB
Marble DB
Painter Metal DB
Suede DB
Machine Metal DB
Suede 2 DB
Wood 2 DB
Wood 3 DB

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Files (10)
Clay Modular DB.spsm
spsm / 11 MB
Leather Black DB 1.spsm
spsm / 8 MB
Machine DB.spsm
spsm / 14 MB
Marble DB.spsm
spsm / 3.4 MB
Painted Metal DB.spsm
spsm / 13 MB
Suede 1 DB.spsm
spsm / 3 MB
Suede 2 DB.spsm
spsm / 3 MB
Wood 2 DB.spsm
spsm / 4.7 MB
Wood 3 DB.spsm
spsm / 11 MB
Leather DB.spsm
spsm / 8 MB