ROOFTOP Props Collection Kitbash 2_72+

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For use on an unlimited number of commercial projects with no limits on sales or views.

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ROOFTOP Props Collection Kitbash
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10Report| Release v.1.0 | Extended Use License | about 1 month ago
Great assets to be used in some illustrations, just like the rest of the assets sold by voloshenko, if you are expecting some game ready assets at this price, feel free to find them somewhere else, but good luck, because you'll be looking for a very long time !
11Report| Release v.1.0 | Extended Use License | 3 months ago
why would you advertise these with textures?
3 months ago
you are not attentive there is a separate folder called "Textures".. and even if there were models without textures, this is not a reason to give them the worst score.. instead of thanking for affordable prices and a large number of models, I read some unfounded claims :-/
41Report| Release v.1.0 | Extended Use License | 8 months ago
Nice and compact kit but missing the textures from the screenshots presented.
510Report| Release v.1.0 | Extended Use License | over 1 year ago
I rarely get meshes that have way too much polygons than expected. Each simple form has more polygons than the next one, which also doesn't allow you to unwrap the stuff for rudimentary texturing. Horrible! Kitbashing still doesn't mean I can or will spend 187k polygons on one little object that shall be rendered at far distance, because I can't show it from a close up. Some guys still live on the moon.
over 1 year ago
"this is not a game ready model" it is written in the description... You absolutely have the right to go into a showroom where Lamborghini cars are sold and buy all their features at a Lamborghini price. Shopping in the salon of cheap products for students is not for you, because you deserve better in life. Value yourself and buy goods only in places where Arab sheikhs buy them... never buy secondhand clothes and do not eat fast food because this is all for plebeians and slaves who have to serve you and get the worst reviews, they are not people, the lower class . you can just destroy their small business because they are not Armani and not Louis Vuitton. I'm sorry that I dared to offer your majesty something like that, my lord.
218Report| Release v.1.0 | Extended Use License | over 1 year ago
Brilliant, I love to use this one!

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