Dynamic Male Anatomy for Artists in Zbrush  

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For personal use and one commercial project (up to 2,000 sales or 20,000 views).


One copy to be used by a single user.

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One installation by a single user.

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Files (8)
01 Head Anatomy Sculpting.rar
rar / 1.5 GB
02 Neck Anatomy Sculpting.rar
rar / 530 MB
03 Torso Anatomy Sculpting.rar
rar / 940 MB
04 Arm and Torso Sculpting.rar
rar / 1.5 GB
05 Hand Anatomy Sculpting.rar
rar / 660 MB
06 Leg Anatomy Sculpting.rar
rar / 2.4 GB
07 Perfecting Anatomy with the Pose.rar
rar / 2.1 GB
Project Files.rar
rar / 670 MB

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Reviews (4)
00Report| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | about 1 year ago
u have sold me 16 courses but promised 17 on youtube and dont answer to my meseges
10Report| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | over 1 year ago
The product is really good, really worth the money invested in it, hope for a femenine model too in another course
20Report| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | over 2 years ago
I simply love this course. I've struggled with many other anatomy/human sculpting courses but this one is so great. Victor slowly explains every point, it's easy to follow and understand. Also the tutor provides fantastic set of reference, all of them grouped in pureref files - there's a ton of structured images and photos of anatomy details etc. Very, very helpful. Very good course !
04Report| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | over 2 years ago
Hi, I bought your course but I can't open the files in my ZBrush, because the version I have is 2020. Can you make the files available in this version for me?

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