The best way to create natural-looking pencil drawings, sketches, and unique illustrations: the Bardot Pencil Box for Procreate on iPad Pro. Enjoy the look and feel of real pencil on paper without all those messy pencil shavings. This set of pencil-y awesomeness was made from high-resolution scans of authentic pencil marks and texture. With months of development and testing behind them, this collection was designed with the professional artist and illustrator in mind. Includes 16 brushes (plus 1 bonus brush!) to handle all of your pencil needs -and then some! This set has it all: the best ever procreate pencil brush, brushes for detail, texture, fillers, layering pencil marks and more. Brushes have been optimized for use with the Apple Pencil.


The Pencils:

  • Bardot Pencil - The best damn pencil brush period. Full-featured, versatile, and designed to take advantage of everything Procreate and the Apple Pencil have to offer. Enhanced capabilities with the uses of tilt and pressure. Heavy and dark, light and fine, sharp or shady, and the perfect paper texture made from real media scans.
  • Smooth Pencil - All the characteristics of the Bardot Pencil, but with more traditional pencil-on-plain-paper texture.
  • Freshly Sharpened - The pointiest of pointy pencils. So sharp, so satisfying. Amazing for detail work.
  • Extra Toothy - Packed with extra texture for your drawing pleasure. A little gritty, like a dark pencil on rough paper.

The Scribbles — made from scans of real pencil scribbles, design to overlap randomly. These brushes are great for filling in areas quickly, adding authentic texture, creating interesting shapes, and more:

  • Quick Scribble - Zig-zaggy scribbles
  • 4x Quick Scribble - Quadruple the variety, quadruple the scribble!
  • Messy Scribble - Sloppy, rough scribbles.
  • Curly Scribble - Round, cutesy scribbles.
  • Swirly Scribble - Oblong loopy scribbly goodness.
  • Hatch Scribble - For when your scribbles want a little more structure.
  • Crosshatcher - A pressure-sensitive brush for custom cross-hatching. 

The Texture: 

  • Grainy Shader - Lots of pressure sensitivity and paper texture for adding shading to your drawing.
  • Smooth Shader - Smooth paper texture with soft and gentle shading.
  • Pencil Texture - Add texture to backgrounds and solid shapes of flat color.
  • Toothy Pencil Texture - Pencil texture but toothier!
  • Fast Filler - give your wrist a break and rapidly color in large areas with this gigantic brush.
  • BONUS BRUSH! Layering Pencil - This brush contains properties that allow you to build up color intensity and darkness with the use of pressure and layering! Make your pencil drawings look even more realistic. (Note: Layering Pencil requires extra pressure when you draw!)


Zip file with 17 procreate brushes, installation guide, and PDF brush guide.

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These brushes are only compatible with the Procreate app on the Apple iPad. They do not work in Photoshop or any other program or app. Brushes are optimized for use with Apple Pencil. They will work with another stylus, but will not have full capabilities and features.Content is delivered in a .zip file. You will need a computer to open the .zip file

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