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I am happy to bring you the latest FREE ChamferZone tutorial in game art creation featuring 3ds Max and Substance Painter! 

If you wonder why it has a 1$ price: you can watch the full tutorial for free on the YouTube links below with the option to support me with a 1$ donation and download the video files in HD quality for offline watching. Artstation store has a limitation of 50MB for free tutorials so I couldn't even release this for free if I wanted to as the video files are of much bigger size.

Star Wars has been a source of inspiration for sci fi and hard surface designs throughout decades and the droid makes for an excellent object in spherical modeling practice. We will also focus on Color ID's, Alpha and Emissive maps throughout it! 

Start watching now:

Make sure to grab the reference image here: https://i.imgur.com/abcQ6N0.jpg 


What are the requirements?

It is recommended to follow the course with the same software we use throughout the tutorial: 3Ds Max 2017  and Substance Painter 2 or the latest installment of Substance Painter.

Who is the target audience?

This tutorial is aimed at beginners as well as intermediate. I try to avoid heavy use of shortcuts as much as I can during the lesson so that you can see which actions I use.

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Instructor Biography

Hi! I'm Tim - Senior Weapons Artist at Digital Extremes where I proudly contribute to their latest game!I started my 3D Artist career at Crytek before working at Ubisoft Toronto for five years. I worked on titles such as Far Cry 4, Splinter Cell Blacklist and the Crysis series as well as other non disclosed titles. In my spare time I enjoy creating tutorials in which I share all my tips and tricks which I gathered over the years. Let me help you avoiding mistakes and equipping you with powerful techniques and knowledge in game ready 3D art creation. See you in the tutorial! Cheers, Tim

DROID Tutorial - 3Ds Max and Substance Painter 2

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