Line Art to Hyper Realism - Fantasy Portrait Illustration  

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Files (17)
Lady Maria_PSD1_Sketch.psd
psd / 21 MB
Lady Maria_PSD2_BaseColors.psd
psd / 170 MB
Lady Maria_PSD3_Render.psd
psd / 300 MB
rar / 23 MB
01 Intro and Lineart.mp4
mp4 / 230 MB
01 Intro and
srt / 10 KB
02 Lineart Tips.mp4
mp4 / 220 MB
02 Lineart
srt / 7.8 KB
03 Color Rough.mp4
mp4 / 340 MB
03 Color
srt / 10 KB
04 Color Rough Tips.mp4
mp4 / 370 MB
04 Color Rough
srt / 10 KB
05 Rendering.mp4
mp4 / 1.8 GB
srt / 30 KB
06 Rendering Tips.mp4
mp4 / 190 MB
06 Rendering
srt / 7 KB
Lines to Hyper Realism Notes.pdf
pdf / 800 KB

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Reviews (4)
00| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | 9 days ago
A very comprehensive study of his workflow, segmented in parts and easily applicable to your own work. Overall, great tutorial! Thank you!
20| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | 2 months ago
Just started watching a while ago, but I know him from Youtube, and it's one of the most talented artists I know, He gives amazing tips and explains his process in a very digestible way. I'm a beginner and I'm enjoying it very much, but I'm pretty sure that more seasoned artists can benefit as well.
11| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | 2 months ago
so so
Thanks for the review rating! It would be great to know more about your thoughts on how I can improve it in the future. If it does not satisfy you, I believe artstation offers a refund.
10| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | 4 months ago
I would have liked more explanations about the process, because at times felt more like narrating what he was doing more than teaching it.
Thanks for the review and the purchase! The painting walkthrough videos are supposed to be narrated on what I'm doing so people understand it. I explain/teach the basics on the "tips" videos. This tutorial only focuses on how to convert your lineart into realistic portraits. I'll try to explain more on my next tutorials! Also, feel free to message me if anything is unclear so I can explain it better!

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