Creating an Open World Map in UE4 | World Composition  

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00| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | over 1 year ago
Bit of a disappointment. I was expecting a one place stop for terrain setup in UE4 to keep as a reference, but it's too basic and bare-bones for that. Luckily got it on sale. You're better off just watching the official UE4 live streams, they go in much more detail and really explain stuff. This tutorial just really quickly glosses over the very minimal setup. Not even touching RVT/Terrain blending materials, no Auto Material setup...Just the very minimal stuff quickly brushed over without much explanation. The tutor mostly just presents you with things already done and shows you the values they used and such. Even if you're new/beginner to these concepts in UE4, I'd strongly advise you to just look out for the Unreal Engine official live streams on the topic and the Quixel official breakdowns, it will take you longer to search etc, but you'll actually learn something, way more, and for free.
over 1 year ago
Thanks for the review, appreciate the feedback. The features you mentioned such as RVT were not released when I created this tutorial so that isn't something I could cover at the time of making the tutorial since it didn't exist. Also the tutorial is geared towards setting up the systems for open world maps, mainly World Composition and how you can use that.
21| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | over 2 years ago
not even close my height maps are all screwed up and I get better frame rate then what you are getting I was hopping for a detailed optimization or level streaming or culling streaming I know it can be done with unreal just dont know how to go about it if you get a chance buy the game on steam Subsistence that Is a very large open world survival game with lakes trees animals weather building crafting fishing single player multiplayer and when playing it get over 60 frames so check that out
00| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | over 2 years ago
Awesome, helped me so much!
00| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | almost 3 years ago
In this tutorial series Kem covers open world map creation techniques used in the industry today such as: Terrain Creation in Houdini, Level Streaming, Spawning Procedural Foliage and Optimising Large Open World Maps. The videos are very clear, easy to follow and each step is broken down very well in terms of what each step does and why they were done. If you are interested in creating large open world maps in UE4, look no further! :)

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