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00| Release v.1.9 | Standard Use License | 5 months ago
Perfect rig setup for learning purposes, have some skin issues on shoe ties pulling leg vertexes, hope will got a fix
00| Release v.1.9 | Standard Use License | 7 months ago
The rig is good.Does it have a fk spine. If there I can't find it plz help me
10| Release v.1.9 | Standard Use License | over 1 year ago
This rig has a great appeal and good design, it has also some props that are in the file and well rigged. But this character has some problems in the facial aspect of the rig. It has limits on controllers that shouldn't be here and need more controllers on the mouth because we can't have the best pose for facial performance. Also on the blink on the eye we can still see some white on the eye that we can't hide unless we have a corrective blenshape. I would say that this rig is really good for body mechanics shots but not for acting, still worth the price with the props/appeal.
10| Release v.1.9 | Standard Use License | over 1 year ago
Lots of control, beautiful mesh. What got me into buying this rig are the easy/quick hand posing and feet, they work like a charm!

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