Famous and most downloaded Geology techniques I & II pack with core nodes and dependencies ready to use in SD now also available here at Artstation!

Contains some geology effects such as a stepped layering effect also called 'Strata', dense stone fields or to recreate scree effect and sand accumulation. 

See the examples on some ideas on how to use them! 

The ZIP files contains a full Substance Designer graph and custom nodes to create the effects similar to the examples. The examples are also included. The pack is intended to start working on top of the examples, alter those or just learn from it. 

Zip file also contains all textures rendered. (base, normals, roughness, height and AO) I kept the output simple as this pack was suppose to be a starting guide. 

**All files are made in Substance Designer 2017 Fall release (2017.2.2). Renders are done in Marmoset Toolbag.**

** GT pack II is made in Substance Designer 2018 Spring release **

Included: 18 dependencies incl. the 4 core effects. (Stoneblocks, cell field processing node, stepped layer effect, sand accumulation), 12 example graphs to demonstrate the effects + full GT pack II with custom nodes to create more flow and organic looking nature. 

Hope you guys like it!! 

If you have any requests or feature ideas, please let me know! 

Link to artstation:

pack I: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/lPmAV

pack II: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/J4loD

See more at Gumroad: 



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SD GeologyTechniques I + II

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