55 Ultimate Wheels Pack Vol.1  

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00| Release v.1.0 | Extended Use License | 8 months ago
Cool designs but minus points for being extremely high poly for no real reason. Bringing these all into a maya scene took ages. Also OBJ files don't retain any smoothing information so that is another issue. Would probably work well for Zbrush but that's about it.
8 months ago
Hi, Alex! Thank you for your feedback! I am glad to read that you like the design. Thank you! 1) All wheels made high poly (I cannot say that it's "extremely" high poly) for one reason - To make renders of futuristic vehicles or mars rovers with close-up renders of wheels. You know - camera go near the vehicle from behind, and people can see the dust from the surface and part of the wheel. That's why. It is not possible to make that kind of close-up render shots when there are not enough polygons on models. I think it takes a lot of time to remodel every wheel object for users to make them high poly. So I decide to make them high poly. All models are quad topology and ready for subdividing. So If you want to have fewer polygons on those wheels, then you have several options:

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