Painting 3D Landscapes

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Reviews (7)
00| Release v.1.3 | Standard Use License | 3 months ago
Pretty good information, but narrator is a bit mumbly and hard to understand art parts.
00| Release v.1.3 | Standard Use License | 5 months ago
Really awesome! Exactly the kind of work I want to do
00| Release v.1.3 | Standard Use License | 6 months ago
Clearly explained, super useful. Great tutorial
00| Release v.1.3 | Standard Use License | 6 months ago
This tutorial is a must for every environment artist out there. Florent shows techniques in blender that enable the complex creation of new worlds. I can recommend this tutorial to anyone who wants to learn ingenious new techniques in Blender in order to expand their knowledge.
00| Release v.1.3 | Standard Use License | 7 months ago
Great content! If you are a beginner or have a stronger 3d background. The videos are for you! Refreshing and super informative. Great to watch! Highly recommended!
10| Release v.1.3 | Standard Use License | 8 months ago
This one is really helpful :D
00| Release v.1.3 | Standard Use License | 9 months ago
Interesting and informative videos, but most of the extra tools used are paid software so I couldn't follow that.

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