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The 3D Artist's Coloring Book is a project aimed at creating a library of assets that beginner to intermediate artists can use to practice and sharpen their texturing skills in Substance Painter, or any other texturing software.

Not everyone can create professional-level assets to practice their texturing skills. This is why I'm creating a book containing tons of ready to texture assets that even a complete beginner can begin practicing with. Simply open the Substance painter file, and start texturing! No need to worry about creating the high poly, topology, sculpting and baking. It's already done for you.  


This page contains:

  • Pre-prepared Substance Painter file, so you can start coloring right away
  • .obj file including maps
  • Completed Substance painter file to use as reference and to pull ideas from
  • Completed file also contains a few smart materials from my paid bundles, so you can save them and reuse them on a later project.


This first page is totally FREE. Consider it my thank you for being such a great community. I'll be adding pages as much as I can in the coming weeks. 

Enjoy :)

Release Notes

Added the new link to the Coloring Book!

The 3D Artist's Coloring Book - Page 1. 'Sunbringer'

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