This pack contains high quality deciduous Dogwood trees, saplings & bushes ready to be used in any project.
2 color variations (Green leaves and Yellow/Autumn leaves) are included.

The unreal project, textures and all FBX files (with LODs) are included in the package.


Trees: (4 variations with different resolutions)
- 10 m Tree HighRes:  22 454 tris.
- 10 m Tree MidRes:  15 102 tris.
- 10 m Tree LowRes:  7 639 tris.
- 10 m Tree VeryLowRes:   3 573 tris.

- 5 m Sapling:  1 511 tris.
- 3 m Sapling:  901 tris.
- 2 m Sapling:  555 tris.
- Sapling Group: (5m, 3m & 2m saplings combined).

- 2m Bush:   1 230 tris.
- 2 m Bush:  604 tris.


Texture Sizes: All textures are in 4096*4096, Roughness & translucence reduced to 2048*2048 in UE4.
Collision: Tree trunks have a custom collision, small saplings and bushes don't have any collision.
Vertex Count: 3 886 up to 21 105 for tree variations, 801 up to 4 150 for saplings, 944 up to 1 818 for bushes.
Triangle count: 3 573 up to 22 453 for tree variations, 555 up to 2 967 for saplings, 604 up to 1 230 for bushes.
LODs: 3 custom LODs for all 10 assets.
Number of Meshes: 10 Assets (Tree variations, Saplings & Bushes).
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 3 materials (Bark, Green Leaves, Yellow/Autumn Leaves).
Number of Textures: 12 textures (Seamless Bark + Leaves: Diffuse, Normal, Roughness, Translucence, Height).
Wind: animation in the leaf shader.
Mipmaps: set through the mipmap bias in the leaves' material.
Additional Notes: Impostors not included.

* Works with UE4 version 4.20.3 and Higher. *


The 10m dogwood tree is included in 4 different resolutions to fit your needs. For any performance issues I recommend to adjust the LOD Distance values, adjust the Mipmap Bias in the material, reduce the texture resolution or generate impostors. Masked materials in early Z-pass.

Have fun using these assets for your project!

All the assets were created using 3ds Max & Photoshop.
Created by Adam Lacharité @ Secondate Productions.

Dogwood Vegetation Package

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