Arabic Dagger Tutorial:

A 13 page PDF tutorial that outlines the full process that I went through to create the Arabic Dagger.

From reference to render, covering the pipeline used with notations, plus various tips and tricks along the way.

First 3 pages are available above as a preview


1. Intro

2. Gathering Reference

3. Low poly modeling

4. Unwrapping

5. Zbrush

6. Zbrush exporting

7. Model preparation for Baking

8. Baking in Substance painter 2

9. Mask setup in Substance Painter 2

10. Materials in Substance Painter 2

11. Substance Painter tips

12. Posing and Exporting Textures

13. Rendering and Presentation in Iray

Requires: Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush, Substance Painter 2

Recommended for Beginner - Intermediate.

It's more the process than every detail of how it is created. Base knowledge of required software is assumed.

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Arabic Dagger Tutorial

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