Fragments of the Past - the Narrative Artbook - ENHANCED EDITION

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Frammenti del Passato_2.0_Massimiliano Haematinon Nigro.pdf
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Reviews (38)
10| Release v.1.2 | Custom EULA | about 1 month ago
A beautifully written and illustrated work. Imaginative and inspiring. I hope Massimiliano will keep expanding this project so we get to see more of the incredible artwork and learn more of the world. Thank you so much for its creation.
20| Release v.1.2 | Custom EULA | 2 months ago
Superb artwork and excellent worldbuilding set in an antiquity like kosmos. A must read if you are looking for something different than the usual.
10| Release v.1.2 | Custom EULA | 2 months ago
The Fragments of the Past est une œuvre exceptionnelle. Elle nous amène à la découverte littéraire et iconographique d'un passé si réel qu'on se prend à imaginer qu'il a réellement existé. C'est que l'auteur utilise tous les codes des "beaux livres", et use d'une finesse, d'une intelligence, d'une précision et d'une beauté qui nous renvoient à nos propres références littéraires et iconographiques sur la Grèce antique, l’Égypte antique, et mille autres civilisations encore. Ce voyage en Askedonia est troublant, merveilleux, et à la fin le doute s'installe : comment peut-on imaginer qu'Askedonia n'ait pas réellement existé ? De tout cœur, merci pour ce voyage enchanteur, Maestro.
20| Release v.1.2 | Custom EULA | 3 months ago
Fantastic piece of art. The depth of the world is great and it's narrated in a wonderful manner, both with words and with beautiful pictures. Can't wait to see more.
20| Release v.1.2 | Custom EULA | 4 months ago
An enchanting piece of visual story telling. The talented writer and artists invites the reader into tantalizing glimpses of a mysterious and fleshed out world. There are elements of the world that's familiar- of sorceresses and prophets, of great conquerors and philosophers. And then, there is another dimension of pure wonders. It feels like a world where every ruin, every frame of reference is haunted by a story of its own. World building at its finest. And made me feel like a kid again. Of all the things in the world I cannot thank someone enough for gave me the sense of wonder back.
20| Release v.1.2 | Custom EULA | 4 months ago
Extremely evocative imagery united with one of the most fascinating and underrated settings there are. I've felt immersed in this book atmosphere and I was left wanting for more.
20| Release v.1.2 | Custom EULA | 6 months ago
Such a great collection of beautiful images and interesting mythologies! I really enjoyed browsing through it.
20| Release v.1.2 | Custom EULA | 7 months ago
A very good product, anda very good project. I'm reading it in this days, it's pretty well written and the artwork are just magnificent. Hope the project will go on!
20| Release v.1.2 | Custom EULA | 7 months ago
Stunning artwork and story fragments immerse you into this incredible and detailed world, leaving you wonder all the possibilities of the things left untold. It's truly a great piece and I can't wait for it to be expanded upon. In the meantime I'll let my imagination wild, sifting through the drawings and poems. Highly recommended to anyone that likes both fantasy and mythological settings!
20| Release v.1.2 | Custom EULA | 7 months ago
The worlds that are created by artists, allow a more profound connection to the reader. We open the book and enter a portal to that world and we get to have an adventure. In this case, we have what almost seems like a real text you would find in a library whilst studying Ancient History, taking you back to a mysterious past of maps, culture and ideologies of an bygone land.

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