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Hey tutorial heads, this time we're gonna learn how to create a small but very menacing little droid.

In the 3d modeling portion of this tutorial we will create the basic shapes and try to find interesting design ideas. Afterwards, we will model various kitbash pieces that we can place around our mesh to make the design seem more complex [KITBASH IS INCLUDED]. Then we will render our creation using very basic lighting techniques that you can apply to any renderer of your choosing (Arnold, Keyshot, whatever!). And with some final touch-ups in Photoshop, we will convert our renders into portfolio-ready images!


  • Duration: 5 hours of video recordings.
  • Speed: Mixed (modeling and rendering is timelapsed, final post in photoshop is realtime).
  • Audio Commentary: Yes (English).
  • Software: Maya (modeling), Redshift (rendering) and Photoshop (post FX); but these are not required, you can use whatever software you're comfortable with.
  • Additional Files: Final 3D model and a SubD Kitbash set you can use in your own projects.

Release Notes

-FIXED audio crackling issues in Chapter B-03 (parts 1 and 2).

-ADDED .rar file with Hotkeys and Scripts!!!


Sci-Fi Drone Hard Surface Modeling and Rendering Tutorial

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For personal use and one commercial project (up to 2,000 sales or 20,000 views).


One copy to be used by a single user.

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Files (30)
rar / 37 MB
txt / 740 Bytes
Armored Hotkeys and Scripts for Maya.rar
rar / 31 MB
A-00 -
mov / 74 MB
A-01 - Basic Modeling Tools.mp4
mp4 / 84 MB
A-02 - Custom Hotkeys.mp4
mp4 / 33 MB
A-03 - Curve Warp for Cables.mp4
mp4 / 31 MB
A-04 - Mesh to Area Light.mp4
mp4 / 32 MB
A-05 - Adding a Script to the Shelf.mp4
mp4 / 6.4 MB
B-01 - Modeling The Base Shape.mp4
mp4 / 400 MB
B-02 - Booleans and Lattice Deformer.mp4
mp4 / 270 MB
B-03 - Fixing Geometry (Boring Part 1).mp4
mp4 / 240 MB
B-03 - Fixing Geometry (Boring Part 2).mp4
mp4 / 260 MB
B-04 - Adding more segments to our bevels.mp4
mp4 / 130 MB
B-05 - Detailing the eye.mp4
mp4 / 220 MB
B-06 - Kitbash Hydraulic 1.mp4
mp4 / 440 MB
B-07 - Kitbash Hydraulic 2.mp4
mp4 / 550 MB
B-08 - Kitbash Connector.mp4
mp4 / 420 MB
B-09 - Kitbash Cable 1.mp4
mp4 / 130 MB
B-10 - Kitbash Cable 2.mp4
mp4 / 130 MB
B-11- Kitbash Cover.mp4
mp4 / 280 MB
B-13 - Adding the Kitbash to the model.mp4
mp4 / 460 MB
B-14 - Final Details.mp4
mp4 / 440 MB
C-15 - Render Setup.mp4
mp4 / 99 MB
C-16 - Rendering the Front.mp4
mp4 / 230 MB
C-17 - Adding the Round Edge Shader.mp4
mp4 / 33 MB
C-18 - Rendering the Back.mp4
mp4 / 220 MB
C-19 - Rendering at an angle.mp4
mp4 / 20 MB
C-20 - Post Effects in Photoshop.mp4
mp4 / 140 MB
C-21 - BLACK Renders (Bonus).mp4
mp4 / 66 MB