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10| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | about 1 year ago
Just a heads up to whoever purchases this tutorial ... this is a YOUTUBE LINK complete with YOUTUBE ADS ... that's right .. you are paying for YouTube ads when you buy this tutorial. The creator was too lazy or incompetent to make a downloadable video like most other content creators do. Fair warning.
about 1 year ago
Hi Paul, first thank you very much for your purchase. I'm sorry you don't like the platform the tutorial is uploaded on, but let me explain the reasons why I uploaded the course on YouTube: First you should know that this is a private and non-transferable video, so the content you paid for cannot be found freely on the internet. On the other hand the ads that you have come across are not placed by me, they are placed by the platform, I do not receive money for those ads. Finally, the main reason why I use YouTube is that it allows me to upload my courses no matter how long they are, since the content is in Full HD and several hours long, the file size is usually very large. Therefore, I think this is more convenient for everyone, since they always have access without taking up space on their hard drives. Again, I am sorry if this does not satisfy you.

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