This package include Blender scene files and textures png files 4k.

Level of Details (LOD) :
- LUCIUS_LOD0      :  75,762 tri
- LUCIUS_LOD1      :  18,243 tri
- LUCIUS_LOD2      :   4,460 tri
- LUCIUS_LOD_FULL  : 303,048 tri


Ambient Occlusion, Roughtness and Metallic are packed
in "_ORM" textures for both materials.
- R is Ambient Occlusion
- G is Roughtness
- B is Metallic

Materials :
- LUCIUS_Bronze
- LUCIUS_Stone

All pictures here are rendered with EEVEE in realtime with LOD0.

[BLENDER 2.80] Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus Sculpt HQ

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