Desert Dragon demo

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50| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | about 1 year ago
The dude who gave one star and complained is a fucking moron. This is one of the simplest and most straightforward tutorials on digital painting techniques that you will ever find. Im almost hesitant to share with my buddies because its so good lol.
70| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | about 2 years ago
This was amazing! It is real-time and he explains every step of the process, it is really hard to find videos like this where the artist explains while painting but also makes an awesome painting in under 2 hours. This is pure gold. Now, this is not a beginners level painting, so if you want to follow along, you should focus on capturing the shapes first with your own level of drawing and then paint on top. Also, a basic knowledge of perspective is requiered. Non the less, it's 100% worth it, especially for the price. Demos like this, where a piece is done from the very start to the very end, are not easy to find at all.
013| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | over 2 years ago
Found it labored and boring. Takes way to long to get going and the artist is difficult to understand.

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