This product is for educational purposes. I created this character inspired by the Gollum character. I wanted to share the process of this character for those who are students or new in 3D, but it is open for anyone who is interested in seeing the work process and dive into the project files, especially for learning. This character was sculpted in Zbrush 2019 and developed in Blender 2.79. Both great tools! 

Purchasing this character project asset you will see/learn how the character was developed from texturing, materials, rigging, environment elements, hairs, lighting, and rendering. The 3D scenes are organized and optimized for you to explore in Blender. 

Below is a list of contents that comes with the file.

Formats included: 

  • .Blend
  • .ZTL
  • .Obj
  • .PSD

Blender files includes:

  •     -Samuel_Final-Pose.blend
  •     -Samuel_Rigged.blend
  •     -Samuel_LookDev.blend
  •     * Inside the "Blender_Files" folder you will also see a text file. This is a Tip/hint about the "Samuel_Final-Pose.blend" file and I do recommend reading it. 
  •     * You Shouldn't have to worry about applying any textures because All the textures should be packed inside of each Blender Files.

Texture Files for Samuel:

  •     -All Textures
  •      *Including 2 Substance Designer made corrosion maps. 

Zbrush files includes:

  •     - Samuel Sculpt(Dynamesh)
  •     - Samuel Textured

Photoshop file includes:

  •     - Final Post Comp(PSD file)

Process Documents:

  •     -Process for Samuel Look Dev
  •     - 30+ Pages. 
  •     - PDF of documents

In case you run into an issue with a file you can contact me at

Samuel: Character Development Process

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