Substance Painter Texturing for Beginners  

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01 Introduction.rar
rar / 620 MB
02 Making a Realistic Asset.rar
rar / 2.8 GB
03 Hand-Painted Texturing with Substance 3D Painter.rar
rar / 2.1 GB
04 Working with Custom Materials.rar
rar / 4.4 GB
05 Texturing an Organic Asset.rar
rar / 2.8 GB
06 Conclusion.rar
rar / 24 MB
Project Files -
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10Report| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | over 2 years ago
The Good: The models and chapters are great, each one showcases a different style and workflow, there's a lot of room for you to deviate from the path and come up with your own creative takes on each model. And the end result is great. I came in knowing how Substance worked at a high level and left feeling like I had the confidence to start working on my own models. The Bad: The instructor is very talented and knowledgeable, however not a lot of time is taken to explain the "why" behind something outside of a couple of theory lessons. Most of the time you'll be following along with exactly what he's doing because you're never sure what steps are mandatory for a certain effect or workflow and which are purely creative that you can put your own spin on. You will pick up workflows, tips and understanding, but only through a lot of repetition. The videos are also long, running anywhere between 20 - 60 minutes, but also fast-paced which can make it hard to absorb information.

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