In this mammoth course you will learn  many tips and tricks used by professionals in the industry to create a photo-real model of a real Edo period Katana.


This course requires you to source your own reference and do your own research, I am unable to provide my images due to copyright but I do share the sites name within the course.

Research is a very important skill to practice.

This large course took 5 weeks to develop and is a very intense and rewarding course to take if you have some experience already with asset creation.
The course is made up of 81 videos and over 30 hours of training! from concept to final render, nothing is left out...even the mistakes are left in to show how to deal with them..

I try to teach you using basic fundamental techniques without getting too technical.

It is also supported if help is required, and there is a Skype chat available once you make headway.

When working in a studio or if you are trying to work towards that goal it is absolutely imperative you learn the right software 90% of studios use Maya and/or Max . 

The course will cover research, modelling, sculpting as well as creation of complex materials in Substance Designer and texturing in Substance Painter, we will finish of by presenting the model in Redshift 3D.

We encourage you to  find and research your own Japanese sword for this course and aim to have you be able to use it in your portfolio.

It is recommended that you have the following

Basic understanding of current modelling techniques and pipelines.

Basic understanding of Maya or any other 3D application.

Basic understanding of Substance Painter and Substance Designer.

who is it for

It is recommended the student has undertaken a basic level course in modelling  and Substance Suite or has a basic understanding of modelling techniques and Substance Suite.

Anyone wishing to learn how to properly research and model a photo-realistic model for their portfolio.

Those wanting to learn how to sculpt and apply this to their own model.

Anyone who is studying and requiring to model their own asset for a final exam that shows all techniques required.

Anyone who is in the industry and wanting to up skill or learn current techniques.

Anyone who is wanting to learn techniques on modelling for film, advertising, and visualization.

Those wanting to learn how to create high poly assets which can eventually be modified for real-time.

What will you learn

Students will be able to plan, create and present a professional photo-realistic asset for their portfolio

Students who complete this course will be able to confidently create high detail, highly realistic models.

Students will be able to use a substantial range of modelling techniques including polygon, Nurbs, SubD, and Sculpting.

Students will be able to tackle texturing using many different techniques including Substance Painter, Scans, and creating  materials from scratch in Substance Designer.

Students will be able to create an asset with the purpose in mind of it being used in your Portfolio.

Students will be able to work with the software you are expected to know in a studio

About the Trainer

I have worked in the CG Industry for nearly 23 years. In that time I have worked in a wide variety of roles across a diverse range of industries which has given me a  unique experience and insight into various techniques, and applications of those techniques. I have worked on projects in Games, Film, TV, Marine and Architectural Visualization. I have  also worked in production design concept in fields as diverse as boat and ship design and furniture/cabinet making. My skill set is not confined to advanced modelling and texturing but also to historical researching, which is an important part of accurate modelling.

I have also been fortunate to have  been teaching professionally now for 8 years and hold a TAE in training and assessing. This work also includes creating course-ware content for colleges and holding several 3 to 4 hour lectures once a week for students.

I am a very passionate trainer and work on my own projects and course ware every single day. I have worked on many projects from hard surface modelling, vehicle modelling, as well as historical character work and have done 3D structural modelling for projects such as the Cutty Sark restoration in 2010.

I ensure I  stay current and up to date with industry leading pipelines and techniques to ensure I can deliver this to students wanting to learn and get a career in the industry. Richard has sound knowledge and expertise in Unreal Engine 4, Maya, Modo, Rhino 3D, ZBrush, Substance Suite, Marvelous Designer, Redshift 3D, Renderman, and World Machine.

I take a genuine interest in what students are producing and love to see what they create on their own.

Japanese Sword, model a photo-real Katana

Standard Use License
USD $40.00
License: Standard License
Stock Assets

For personal use and one commercial project (up to 2,000 sales or 20,000 views).


One copy to be used by a single user.

Installable Tools

One installation by a single user.

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Files (82)
079_General Shader Setup.mp4
mp4 / 180 MB
080_Fabric Shader Setup.mp4
mp4 / 43 MB
081_An overview of lighting.mp4
mp4 / 11 MB
072_Texturing the Habaki.mp4
mp4 / 59 MB
073_Texturing the Wood.mp4
mp4 / 190 MB
074_Texturing the Saya.mp4
mp4 / 110 MB
075_Texturing the blade.mp4
mp4 / 170 MB
076_Texturing the Hamon.mp4
mp4 / 190 MB
077_Creating the Ito textures.mp4
mp4 / 130 MB
078_Making the Rayskin textures.mp4
mp4 / 34 MB
PeGrLj-Rayskin scan002_1200dpi.png
png / 73 MB
062_Making the base material types.mp4
mp4 / 130 MB
063_Making the procedural backgrounds.mp4
mp4 / 260 MB
064_Fitting the procedural backgrounds.mp4
mp4 / 530 MB
065_Texturing the tsuba part1.mp4
mp4 / 540 MB
066_Texturing the Tsuba part 2.mp4
mp4 / 680 MB
067_Texturing the Seppa.mp4
mp4 / 55 MB
068_Texturing the Fuchi.mp4
mp4 / 170 MB
069_Texturing the Kashira.mp4
mp4 / 180 MB
070_Texturing the kurigata.mp4
mp4 / 150 MB
071_Texturing the Menuki.mp4
mp4 / 140 MB
056_Sculpting the Tsuba.mp4
mp4 / 160 MB
057_Finishing the wood parts.mp4
mp4 / 150 MB
058_Making the menuki.mp4
mp4 / 360 MB
059_Sculpting the Habaki.mp4
mp4 / 160 MB
060_Sculpting the menuki.mp4
mp4 / 330 MB
061_Scene prep and uv layout.mp4
mp4 / 75 MB
046_Sculpting Preparation and export.mp4
mp4 / 74 MB
047_Combining and defining forms.mp4
mp4 / 68 MB
048_Zremeshing and UV's.mp4
mp4 / 110 MB
049_Manually UV mapping.mp4
mp4 / 67 MB
50_Reprojecting and fixing errors.mp4
mp4 / 57 MB
51_Sculpting the details part1.mp4
mp4 / 160 MB
052_Sculpting the details part2.mp4
mp4 / 180 MB
053_Sculpting the kashira.mp4
mp4 / 110 MB
054_Sculpting the Kurigata.mp4
mp4 / 110 MB
055_Sculpting the Seppa.mp4
mp4 / 35 MB
042_Modelling the Husks and birds.mp4
mp4 / 150 MB
043_Finishing the birds.mp4
mp4 / 240 MB
044_Making the leaf and Stem Variations.mp4
mp4 / 260 MB
045_Modelling Overview.mp4
mp4 / 100 MB
037_Uv mapping the remaining parts.mp4
mp4 / 190 MB
038_Making the Bamboo and Stalks.mp4
mp4 / 270 MB
039_Making the Leaves.mp4
mp4 / 150 MB
040_Making the River.mp4
mp4 / 89 MB
041_Making the mountains.mp4
mp4 / 220 MB
032_The sageo part 1.mp4
mp4 / 310 MB
033_The sageo part 2.mp4
mp4 / 270 MB
034_The sageo part 3.mp4
mp4 / 380 MB
035_The sageo part 4.mp4
mp4 / 340 MB
036_ UV mapping the Sageo.mp4
mp4 / 110 MB
029_Making the Saya.mp4
mp4 / 110 MB
030_Making the Kojiri.mp4
mp4 / 37 MB
031_Making the Koiguchi.mp4
mp4 / 130 MB
021_Creating the Kashira.mp4
mp4 / 61 MB
022_Creating the Fuchi.mp4
mp4 / 79 MB
023_Creating the Rayskin.mp4
mp4 / 270 MB
024_Creating the Mekugi.mp4
mp4 / 27 MB
025_Creating theTsuba.mp4
mp4 / 83 MB
026_Creating the Seppa.mp4
mp4 / 93 MB
027_Finishing the Habaki.mp4
mp4 / 170 MB
028_Fitting the Tsuka to the blade.mp4
mp4 / 67 MB
017_Creating the Makidome part 1.mp4
mp4 / 310 MB
018_Creating the Makidome part 2.mp4
mp4 / 96 MB
019_Creating the Makidome part 3.mp4
mp4 / 84 MB
020_Creating the Makidome part 4.mp4
mp4 / 220 MB
013_Creating our wrap (ito) base mesh.mp4
mp4 / 150 MB
014_Creating our wrap (ito) twist.mp4
mp4 / 180 MB
015_Copying the wrap along the tsuka.mp4
mp4 / 120 MB
016_UV mapping the wrap along the Tsuka.mp4
mp4 / 140 MB
010_Blocking in the Tsuba and Seppa.mp4
mp4 / 110 MB
011_Blocking in the Tsuka, Habaki, Fuchi and Kashira.mp4
mp4 / 130 MB
012_Profiling the Tsuka and planning the (Ito).mp4
mp4 / 92 MB
004_Establishing the blade depth taper.mp4
mp4 / 72 MB
005_Adding resolution and adjusting curvature.mp4
mp4 / 86 MB
006_Finishing the tip (Kissaki) and adding support loops.mp4
mp4 / 150 MB
007_Making the Tang (Nakago).mp4
mp4 / 60 MB
008_Mirroring the blade.mp4
mp4 / 24 MB
009_The blade groove (Bo-Hi).mp4
mp4 / 94 MB
001_Promo video.mp4
mp4 / 47 MB
mp4 / 55 MB
003_Image Planes.mp4
mp4 / 31 MB