25 Basemesh Swords dynamic subdiv creased IMM, lowpoly obj, and highpoly obj form. All swords have uvs as well, for people who would prefer to jump right into texturing.

5 European Double Edged 1-handers (Gladius, Carolingian, Shortsword, Schiavona, Broadsword )

3 European Double Edged 2-handers (Longsword, Claymore, Zweihander)

5 European Single Edged 1-handers (Falchion, Cutlass, Saber, Shamshir, Falcata )

3 European Thrusting Swords (Rapier, Espada Ropera, Estoc)

3 Chinese Swords (Jian, Oxtail Saber, Dadao)

3 Japanese Swords (Chokuto, Katana, Odachi)

3 Other Notable Swords (Khopesh, Shotel, Barong)

All swords have historically based dimensions, casually researched but listed within the included description spreadsheet. Some swords have blades slightly thicker (in depth) than would be realistic, as to allow for easy manipulation of fuller vertices. 

Dynamic subdiv levels of 5 smooths with a creasing level of 4 (as set up in the project file) is a great place to start.

Designed to save as much time as possible, while allowing the creative freedom of your own ornamentation. Jump ahead of the curve by saving a ton of time in your blockout phase and heading right into detailing!

25 IMM Basemesh Swords + OBJs

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