Rubik Cube ... what else!?

Lowpoly for every use. 1500 vertx

You'll find 4 models ( 2 solved and 2 unsolved )

Every cube has origin to geometry to easy rotate and play with face.

Made in Blender 2.79

Official Rubik Cube colors You'll find 4 models ( 2 solved and 2 unsolved ) :

  • Solved_unt : single mesh (1512 verts)
  • Solved_sep : group of single cubes (56 verts)
  • Unsolved_unt : single mesh (random rotation)
  • Unsolved_sep : group of single cubes (same Unsolved_unt 'rotation)

In the single cubes version, all cube are parented to the central cube (the one you can't see). To clear every parent, selecte all objs and type Alt+P and Clear Parent.

Principled BSDF materials used. Incrase roughness if you want less reflects on faces Available format :

.blend .dae .abc .3ds .obj .fbx .x3d

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