This is a plugin in Substance Designer. Quick create node by shortcuts, reconnect and rearrange the nodes .Make your work in SD much more easier. Smooth experience ,just like in nuke or UE4. Hope it helps.

Release Notes

-add ctrl + i  create invert grayscale node
-add shift +d   create blend node in divide mode
-add shift + s create blend node in substract mode
-add shift + a  create auto level node
-add ctrl + w  create multi directional warp node
-add ctrl + shift + w create non uniform directional warp node
-add ctrl + shift + b create non uniform blur node
-change alt +s  create slop blur node
-limit reconnct node function only affect closet nodes(need more test)
-when pixel processor node is created by this plugin, it will be set as grayscale and HDR Low Precision(16F) Absolute mode as default

[SD Plugin] SD Shortcuts Enhance

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