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Files (14)
1 - Concepting in Max.mp4
mp4 / 2.3 GB
2 - MoI Introduction and Hotkeys.mp4
mp4 / 3 GB
3 - Workflow Introduction.mp4
mp4 / 2.2 GB
4 - Low Poly.mp4
mp4 / 2.5 GB
5 - Low Poly Finalizing.mp4
mp4 / 2.4 GB
6 - High Poly Part 1.mp4
mp4 / 3.2 GB
7 - High Poly Part 2 and Fixing Issues.mp4
mp4 / 2.5 GB
8 - High Poly Finalizing.mp4
mp4 / 3.1 GB
9 - Naming, Unwrapping, High-Poly Materials, Baking, and Texturing.mp4
mp4 / 1.3 GB
10 - Bonus 30 Minute Prop.mp4
mp4 / 1.8 GB
triangle crate high fillet.3dm
3dm / 62 MB
triangle crate low.3dm
3dm / 5.3 MB
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00| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | almost 2 years ago
Very good content, even though the total runtime is a bit long. I especially appreciated the variety of modeling techniques being used. Boolean operations, lofting, sweeping, constructing solids out of curves, etc. I didn't know about Moi3D until last week and this course sold me on adopting it in my hard surface workflow.
00| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | over 2 years ago
designed in proper area of construct
00| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | almost 3 years ago
Excellent Tutorial
10| Release v.1.0 | Standard Use License | over 3 years ago
This is a great beginner tutorial where experience plays out. The tutor (Arrimus), takes you from the very basic by explaining the tools and how everything functions in the software. He shows you the problems you can encounter and the cure required, like a Doctor. His lecture has giving me the foundation and confidence I need to go and achieve greater things with Moi3D. Excellent TUTOR and TUTORIAL. I highly recommend this tutorial to others.

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