Rendering a mech arm from moi to keyshot

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Files (16)
Lighting your model bassics KEYSHOT.mp4
mp4 / 150 MB
intro to multimatirials KEYSHOT.mp4
mp4 / 18 MB
occluion tips and tricks KEYSHOT.mp4
mp4 / 110 MB
posing tips and bassics MOI3D.mp4
mp4 / 81 MB
Posing rotating in 3d acurately in custom axis MOI3D.mp4
mp4 / 28 MB
exporting to zbrush_subtool assignment from MOI3D.mp4
mp4 / 35 MB
bonus render video demonstration KEYSHOT.mp4
mp4 / 140 MB
posing demonstration MOI3D.mp4
mp4 / 360 MB
micro fillets demo and explination MOI3D KEYSHOT.mp4
mp4 / 68 MB
Breaking down materials I used KEYSHOT.mp4
mp4 / 160 MB
Decals and UI elements KEYSHOT.mp4
mp4 / 66 MB
Lightroom touch ups.mp4
mp4 / 33 MB
how i use matterials in MOI3D.mp4
mp4 / 19 MB
Building context timelapse MOI3D KEYSHOT.mp4
mp4 / 1.1 GB
timelapse materializing the arm KEYSHOT.mp4
mp4 / 140 MB
project file.ksp
ksp / 270 MB