first srceenshot - latest version, other - oldest :| Iam lazy

Based on real photos with minimum lens distortion

the screenshots may seem that I do not fall in proportion, but this is due to the fact that I constantly twist the photo under each limb, because after I measured all the limbs I put the model in a more interesting pose, and after that I began to twirl the photo

  • ps: don’t worry about the girl at photo - this is my wife, I don’t think that she is strongly against being here :3 I think she will now have a measuring tape in her nightmares, and she’s already turning inside out with the mere mention of this 3D model
  • ps2:the first screenshot will always have the newest version, I'm too lazy to delete and reload all screenshots each time (but if possible I will do it sometimes)

Release Notes

new forms

female real proportions body basemesh

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