Section 71 - Scene files (3ds Max, FBX, Blender)  

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Files (5)
zip / 27 MB
Section 71 Corridor_v2.0.max
max / 530 MB
Section 71_v2.blend
blend / 350 MB
FBX / 330 MB
Section 71_v3.blend
blend / 330 MB

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Reviews (3)
00| Release v.3.0 | Extended Use License | about 1 year ago
This product is very good. But all the Mesh pieces and GEOs need to be (UV) Properly in a (0 to 1) UV space without (Non-overlapping) UVs. Especially your (Selling) an asset like this on a Marketplace. The "Customer who is "BUYING" or "Purchasing" the asset, shouldn't have to go into the asset and fix these issues themselves, These kinds of things should already be set up correctly by the seller. Now, if your NOT trying to sell this asset, and it's just for you, then this is fine. But if you're selling an asset like this, things need to be set up properly for the person who is buying the asset. So that they can use it within their (Pipeline) and product without a lot of headaches. A lot of the times when "Modeller or Artists" build these types of assets do a fantastic job at the "Modelling phase", but then they lose the energy and drive at the "UV stage" of the model, and they get "Lazy". But as I said, the modeling of this Asset is good.
about 1 year ago
Hello Antoine, Thank you for your review. Sorry that the model did not please your expectations. Next time please pay attention and read the description of products before purchasing them. It's clearly written in the product multiple times that it contains no UVs. Read descriptions to avoid future confusion about what "Modeller or Artists" include in their products.
00| Release v.3.0 | Extended Use License | over 1 year ago
Amazing work!
00| Release v.3.0 | Extended Use License | over 1 year ago
Great attention to detail

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