Understanding and applying Design Principles!  

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Reviews (6)
05| Release v.2.0 | Standard Use License | 8 months ago
He doesn’t teach anything! The Tutorial was a speed painting and didn’t teach how to paint step by step. For example how do you set up the Perspective.?Iwasted 16.00 on this😭 also he had repeated videos! Trash! He is a awesome artist just not a good teacher. The videos were too low too!
8 months ago
Please read the descriptions before making any purchases. This is not a step-by-step painting tutorial. This is about knowing certain aspects of the fundamentals and applying them. If you had taken some time to go through the materials, you'd know that. This is also very clearly mentioned in the descriptions. And there are no repeated videos or quality issues. I spent almost over a month curating, assembling, and re-recording everything just to make sure the quality is up to the mark. So, please don't blame me for your mistakes. Thank you!
40| Release v.2.0 | Standard Use License | 9 months ago
Thanks! :)
10| Release v.2.0 | Standard Use License | 11 months ago
Great course! I can't wait to apply everything that I learned into my own illustrations and drawings. 10/10
10| Release v.2.0 | Standard Use License | about 1 year ago
Very Good Tutor. I am learning a lot from Ayan. Thank You.
10| Release v.2.0 | Standard Use License | about 1 year ago
Exactly the lesson I was searching for! This is an incredible course filled with so much material, it will have you coming back often. Thank you Ayan!
10| Release v.2.0 | Standard Use License | over 1 year ago
Hi, the content is priceless and well explained for what i can ear but sound of your record is sooo bad, you might want to had subs or to get another way to do that for your futur tutorials which i would surely buy.
over 1 year ago
UPDATE: Re-recorded all of the audio and added some more information in the new release!

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