Heroic Male Basemesh
Formats: .ZTL (Zbrush 4R8), .FBX, .BLEND (2.8 RC1).
Disclaimer: This product should work fine with most 3d applications, tools and production pipelines when used in the correct context.


  • High res Zbrush sculpt .ZTL file (SDiv 5, 4m polys).
  • Body and proxy eyes geo as separate subtools.
  • High res/decimated .FBX files.
  • Low res/Zremeshed .FBX files.
  • BONUS: Also includes the Blender file used to make the renders seen above.

- Save a huge amount of production time with this basemesh, ready for further detailing and refinement. The model has an authentic scale, is symmetrical and centered properly in the scene. Includes Zremeshed low res geometry which can be used as is or as a starting point for a more refined low res model. Low res geo has basic UV mapping, however further refinement is advised if using the lowres geo as-is.

- Please note: This is not a finished model, but mainly a basemesh where the sculpting is done, saving you multiple work hours. The final detailing, retopology, uvs and texturing is up to you, depending on the needs and requirements of your project. 

- A note on scale: Depending on the application you import the fbx files to and your software's way of handling scale units, you might need to scale the models (with a factor of 0.01) to get the same correct scale. Always make sure the scale is applied correctly in your software before rigging and so forth.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to get in touch and I will try my best to help you out.

Heroic Male Basemesh

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