3D Character Artist (Senior)

Zagreb, Croatia
Job type: Freelance

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Job Description

We’re looking for a senior character artist who will be responsible for all aspects of character creation and work with a team of talented individuals on making Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass.

This position is available for on-site and remote applicants.

  • Developing high detail, photorealistic 3D models (humanoid characters and other creatures, including faces, hair, armor, and weapons)
  • Creating clean, low-resolution game topology and UV’s
  • Developing game-ready assets to match concept, photo reference, art direction, etc.
  • Creating textures and next-gen materials for use in-game engine
  • Exporting models and textures into an in-house engine (Serious Engine 4.x) and making sure they work correctly, touching-up textures after engine integration to optimize quality
  • Working closely with the animation team and other artists to bring the characters to life
  • Cleaning up scanned data

Skills & Requirements


  • Experience with creating character / organic models (modeling and texturing)
  • Proficiency in Zbrush or Mudbox
  • Understanding of human and animal anatomy and clothing and a keen eye towards form, shape, structure and silhouette in regards to modeling
  • Eye for light, shade, color, and detail in creating texture maps
  • Up to date with the latest 3D trends
  • Good English communication skills (both written and spoken)
  • Good judgment on when to make it perfect and when to compromise
  • Passion about art and video games, and eagerness to grow


  • Proficiency in one or more texturing software (Quixel, Substance Painter/Designer)
  • Skills in one or more 3D modeling software (Blender, Modo, 3D Studio Max, Maya)
  • Skills in hard-surface poly modeling techniques
  • Baking pipeline and rendering experience
  • Character concept art skills
  • Previous experience in a 3D Artist role in the video game industry or TV/ film
  • Experience with game engines
  • Skinning, rigging and animating skills
  • Traditional sculpting, drawing or painting skills
  • Understanding of the visual style of Croteam games and a passion to push it to the next level
  • On-site work in Zagreb

Additional Information

  • Working remotely is an option

How to Apply

Apply by sending your CV and portfolio* via this application form by February 19th, 2019 at the latest

(Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.)

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