Animator (Cinematics)

Capcom Co., Ltd.
Osaka, Japan
Job type: Permanent

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Job Description

  • Create character and prop animation with a combination of motion capture data and key-framed animation
  • Partner with Creative Directors, Narrative Directors, Art/Animation Directors to bring to life compelling cinematic moments in the game
  • Create believable facial animation performances utilizing capture data and key-framed animation
  • Plan and direct motion capture sessions
  • Craft quick animatics to assist with communicating scene narratives prior to production
  • Keep up to date with new and emerging animation and motion capture technologies and techniques

*Please note that there is a possibility we offer the position as a contract employee.

Skills & Requirements


  • Minimum 3+ years of experience creating high quality animation for games/film
  • Expert with Maya/Motion Builder animation workflows
  • Strong understanding of animation principles
  • Experience with motion capture processes and requirements
  • Experience animating a variety of character types from realistic humans to fantastic creatures, including facial animation
  • Demonstrated ability to create realistic, believable animation performances
  • Good understanding of cinematography and shot composition


  • 5+ years of experience creating high quality animation for games/film
  • Experience with Story board creation
  • Experience working with facial performance capture technologies
  • Experience with full performance capture technologies
  • Ability to plan and carry out Actor auditions
  • Knowledge of Capcom franchises

How to Apply

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Application Materials: 

  • Cover Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Work History

About the Company

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Capcom is a leading Japanese publisher and developer responsible for creating iconic franchises such as Resident Evil and Devil May Cry. Since the growth of gaming in the 80s, Capcom continues to produce games that resonate with a global audience and their IP have been wholly integrated in pop culture. The company has left their mark across generations, engaging both new and vintage audiences. 

At Capcom, you have the opportunity to work with veterans and passionate teams in the field. Capcom is known for its unique art-style and approaches to game design. As a bonus, you get to live in the historic and vibrant city of Osaka, close to both Kyoto and Nara, the cultural capitals of Japan. Come join us and take up the challenge of building new worlds while expanding your own.

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