Lighting Artist

Build A Rocket Boy Games
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Job type: Permanent

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Job Description

As a Lighting Artist, you will be responsible for the lighting of environments and assets throughout all stages of our production - from pre-vis mock ups to in game assets to promotional materials.

A thorough understanding of fundamentals such as colour theory, composition, light and form is essential. We are also looking for excellent capabilities in 3D rendering, modelling, texturing and lighting techniques within 3D packages and 3D game engines.

Working closely with Concept Artists and the Art Director, you will fulfil the highly influential step of lighting environments - creating mood, story and atmosphere as required from the product.


  • Work closely with the Concept Artists, Cinematics Director and Art Directo,r making high quality lighting passes on all in-game environments (internal, exterior and cinematics).
  • Placing and refining light sources throughout the game world.
  • Refining and tweaking materials and shaders throughout the game world for best lighting results (including, on occasion, characters and vehicles).
  • Refining the look of the product in an agreed direction with the use of post processing, LUT, tone mapping etc.
  • Championing lighting implementation techniques and processors on chosen game engine.
  • Implementing effects related to lighting mood and lighting in general across the map (god rays, fog etc).
  • Reviewing and assessing performing costs of lighting solutions and reviewing effective solutions to keep lighting budgets in line with technical requirements.
  • Working closely with Technical Artists to research and advance fidelity of lighting solutions.
  • Implement feedback from Art Director.

Skills & Requirements


  • Experience in the creation of high quality real-time lighting within games.
  • A minimum of 2 years professional experience as a Lighting Artist.
  • Thorough understanding of real-time lighting technology and solutions.
  • Strong understanding of related art fundamentals (colour theory, lighting and composition).
  • Strong experience in creation of PBR, normal map and texture creation/manipulation.
  • Experience with current 3D modelling tools such as 3ds Max, Maya or equivalent.
  • Strong communication skills with the capability to successfully work across multiple teams.
  • A positive collaborative and professional working attitude.
  • Strong English skills, both written and verbal.
  • Strong interest in photography and cinematography a plus.

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About the Company

Founded by industry legend Leslie Benzies, we are developing an ambitious and ground-breaking open-world multiplayer game that simulates and fuses the real world with the virtual.

A mix of experienced AAA veterans whose credits include some of the biggest-selling and most loved games of all time, and talented hungry new blood, we are dedicated to creating a creative environment where the best ideas flourish and everyone is able to contribute their best work and be recognised for it.

We have offices in Edinburgh, Los Angeles, and Budapest.