Lighting Artist (Real Time)

Gameloft Montreal
Montreal, QC, Canada
Job type: Permanent

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Job Description


  • Collaborating with the art and design teams to develop the look and feel of the game
  • Creating compelling lighting for levels, in-game cutscenes and pre-rendered cinematics, while ensuring they are in keeping with the visual references, concept art or mood boards that are provided
  • Configuring the various dynamic lighting solutions and available post-processing effects in order to refine a scene's overall ambience (direct/indirect lighting, skydome, spot/area/point/linear/projector lights, volumetric/height fog, SSAO, screen-space reflection, tone mapping, colour grading, look-up tables, vignettes, bloom, depth of field, optical flare, chromatic aberration, anamorphic flare, etc.)
  • Producing static lightmaps compatible with the memory limitations of target platforms, if required
  • Implementing dynamic light setups while maintaining good performance on low-end devices
  • Designing and calculating irradiance / image-based lighting systems to be used by dynamic objects
  • Setting the required level of detail to maintain visual consistency with the initial concept
  • Checking that the various provided materials/textures are consistent and in keeping with the established graphical style and lighting methods
  • Checking compliance of the elements and of the packing on various UV channels, if required
  • Maintaining a superior level of quality
  • Working with technical artists and the 3D development team to contend with constraints related to production and to obtain the support required to implement new functionality and develop new tools
  • Helping the marketing team, when needed (static rendering, technical support for in-game footage)
  •  Creating and communicating documentation pertaining to lighting tools, pipelines and applications

Skills & Requirements

  • A college diploma in fine arts, visual effects, or equivalent (undergraduate degree an asset)
  • At least 3 years of experience in lighting, texturing, image processing, or other relevant experience (photography, computer graphics, or pre-rendering an asset)
  • Experience with third-party frameworks (Unreal/Unity) or an in-house pipeline for mobile/console production
  • Solid educational background: mastery of colour theory, rules of composition, staging, and traditional lighting techniques
  • Creativity and attention to detail
  • Broad knowledge of the visual arts (architecture, design, film, comics, games, etc.)
  • Able to simplify complex or technical ideas
  • Good organizational skills
  • Good analytical skills and judgement related to problem-solving
  • Mastery of current static and real-time lighting solutions (V-Ray, Arnold, Redshift, Clarisse, Enlighten, Eevee/Cycles, etc.)
  • Fundamental understanding of modern shading methods as well as current baking techniques
  • Mastery of traditional 3D modeling processes (Max/Maya/Blender), of texture and material creation that is compatible with rendering models, as well as of physically based rendering (PBR) and traditional rendering
  • Mastery of UV projection and unfolding techniques (overlapping, splitting, padding) and of UV packing
  • Understanding of various lighting models used in the industry
  • Understanding of the various shading techniques used in the industry (forward vs. deferred rendering) and their respective constraints and limitations
  • Able to perfectly analyze reference mood boards and colour scripts

How to Apply


In order for your application to be considered, you must submit a portfolio or other samples of your work (demos, images, animation, websites, etc.). Please make sure to provide us with the address of your website or portfolio.

You can apply directly here.

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