Experienced CG Creature Artist

Oslo, Norway
Job type: Contract


Job Description

Qvisten Animation is looking for artists available for short term work preferable on-site, but off-site considered.

We are looking for creature artists who master quadrupeds and the technicality required to send the asset down the pipeline. 

You will sculpt and model 3D models of creatures working closely with the Art Department to transfer the idea behind the design into 3D without losing the character's feel from the concept. You will also work closely with the rigging department to make sure the rigging requirements to the mesh is met. 


  • Sculpt and Model 3D Creatures that meet the artistic brief.
  • Ensure every asset you create meets the requirements of those downstream.
  • Work closely with the head of the department and the rest of the team to deliver quality assets on time

We consider the position a specialist position where you will mainly work with creatures. Some other modeling, organic and hard surface, might be required.

Contract Length:

The engagement will initially involve 1-2 months of work from early/mid June 2019.

Working conditions:

A normal workday in Norway is 7,5 hours, from 9 am to 5 pm including half an hour lunch break. The classic Norwegian lunch consists of sandwiches and salads, and is sponsored by the company.

If you occasionally are asked to work more than 9 hours a day or 40 hours a week you get a 40% extra overtime pay.

If you need to stay home due to illness you still get paid, but after three days out of the office, you need a sick leave from a doctor.

In Norway you have paid holidays. 10,2% of your gross salary from the previous year is paid when you go on vacation. Normally 4 weeks vacation per year, and usually during the summer months.

Qvisten Animation organizes a lot of social gatherings for the employees to get together and see eachothers work, followed by drinks and snacks. We arrange several events during the year at the cinema, gamenights, moviewraps and summerbreak parties.

Skills & Requirements

  • previous experience from full length animation, short films or commercials.
  • a good understanding of heavy asset animation pipelines
  • a good eye for shapes and volume.
  • a good understanding of human and animal anatomy
  • good problem solving skills
  • good communication skills
  • ability to get the best out of your team and be a supportive team player. We are not a factory, but a Studio.

As a CG Creature Artist you are expected to handle the following:

  • sculpting
  • retopology
  • uv mapping
  • modeling
  • blendshapes
  • cloth modeling (either with MD or poly modeling)

It is a bonus, but not a requirement, if you handle the following:

  • lookdev
  • hair / grooming
  • python scripting knowledge
  • lighting
  • basic rigging

Our studio is set up with this rig, but we are always open to try out any software that will get the job done. In the end we are looking for output and we are not religious about our software. However, our pipeline is built around Maya so as a minimum, assets will be assembled and published in Maya.

  • Maya
  • Xgen
  • Zbrush
  • Substance Painter
  • Substance Designer
  • Mari
  • The Adobe Suite
  • Speed Tree
  • Marvellous Designer

If you lack any of the above, but still feel you have a strong portfolio, please consider applying. We are always looking for talent and you might fit another position or be a valuable asset to the team somehow!

Additional Information

  • Working remotely is an option

How to Apply

Please use our online portal when applying:

Add a note in the application essay that you are applying as a CREATURE ARTIST

About the Company

Qvisten Animation AS is an animation studio located in central Oslo, Norway. The Studio consists of different departments handling all kinds of animation, everything from classic stop motion, puppet or clay, classic 2D cartoon to high end 3D digital animation (CGI). We have over the last 15 years produced or worked on about 400 commercial productions. Besides that, Qvisten have produced or been involved in TV series, shorts, music videos and features. Qvisten Animation AS is a full production studio with in-house directors and can take a production from sketches to screening.

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