Material/Substance Artist

Dhruva Interactive
Bangalore, India
Job type: Permanent

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Job Description

As a Texture/Material Artist you will be responsible for building a vast library of 3D textures/materials to be utilized by our 3D artists in Substance Designer. You will have expert knowledge of both Substance Designer and Environment Art.

As a Senior Texture/Material Artist you will set and uphold the highest benchmark of quality for materials and ensure this spread among the rest of the team. You will have expert knowledge of Substance Designer, Other texturing Tools and Techniques and Environment Art and are able to hold and drive the highest quality in material creation and drive our material pipeline. You will mentor other team members and need strong communication skills to drive the material development with different departments.

Texture/Material artist:

  • The candidate will create physically accurate, algorithmically generated, node-based materials (optimized for end use in web-based, real-time applications)
  • Maintain consistently high standards for accuracy, aesthetics, and productivity
  • Continuously improve workflows and processes

Senior Texture/Material Artist:

  • Produce benchmark materials using Substance Designer
  • Mentor, support and train the environment team in up to date methods and technical standards
  • Oversee and develop our material library
  • Work with Lead Environment Artist and Art Director to ensure materials are of correct Aesthetics
  • Work with Tech art to refine our material pipeline and feature set
  • Identify opportunities for automation to increase productivity while preserving visual goals
  • Additional responsibilities may be assigned as needed.

Skills & Requirements

Texture/Material artist:

  • Ability to make highly realistic, procedural/algorithmic (node-based) textures that are dynamically ‘tweakable’ for 3D artists (create materials with full control and variations)
  • Ability to make tileable textures
  • Familiarity with Vector Displacement mapping
  • Material authoring – making textures editable (algorithmically generated textures)
  • Professional with a portfolio that demonstrates a range of original algorithmic, photorealistic material/texture creation
  • The ability to work within and across large, interdependent teams is a must, so the right person will have an implicit understanding of the balance needed between artistry, communication, and partnership.

Senior Texture/Material Artist:

  • Deep & highly proficient knowledge of Substance Designer, Painter and ZBrush
  • In Depth Knowledge of PBR and physically based material standards
  • High proficiency with 3D Programs and ZBrush
  • Strong communication and mentoring skills
  • Demonstrates ability to work on both stylized and realistic projects
  • Knowledge in other texturing tools such as Quixel Suite
  • Able to produce materials in a wide variety of styles and themes
  • Multiple shipped AAA titles in a similar role.
  • Knowledge of material optimization for real time engines
  • Knowledge about material blending systems

Skills and Qualifications:

  • 2-7 years of applicable technical art experience or as a Texture Artist.
  • A portfolio that demonstrates a range of original algorithmic, photorealistic material/texture creation
  • Must demonstrate an understanding of technical art production and end-to-end modeling, texturing, rendering workflows.
  • A demonstrated mastery of Substance Designer and Substance Painter
  • Must possess broad experience in organic art to create high quality 3D environment assets.
  • Must be familiar with Maya or 3Dsmax, ZBrush, and Photoshop.
  • Background or good educational qualification in traditional arts is a plus.
  • Experience working on AAA quality games.

Additional Information

  • Relocation assistance is offered

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About the Company

Incorporated in 1997, Dhruva Interactive is India’s oldest gaming firm, providing content creation services to the video gaming industry. Offering a full range of services across art, animation and VFX, Dhruva works with most developers and publishers in the world, helping create incredibly high-quality experiences.

We believe in crafting lasting, long term relationships with AAA game developers to provide the highest quality content - be it concepts, levels, characters, props, vehicles, in-game content integration and building full levels, spanning all genres and art styles. Known for our quality and partnership oriented approach, Dhruva is not only one of the most reputed companies in its space, but one of the most trusted, and therefore the largest in India. Our 350 man team has helped bring titles such as the Forza series, Halo 5: Guardians, Days Gone, Prey, Sea of Thieves, Spiderman PS4, Alien Isolation, Quantum Break and many other 100+ blockbuster titles, over the past 20 years.