San Francisco, California, USA


At WRKSHP, we believe in a future filled with imagination, compassion and connectivity where the lines between the real and virtual world are blurred.  Our mission is to create this future by building virtual worlds that expand the possibility of people’s lives.  We are carving the worldof tomorrow in code and creativity.  We value team-work, experimentation and speed. We approach our work as a craft and work hard to create deep, beautiful and massively social experiences. 

We are passionate, bootstrapped and profitable. Our 60 person team is made up of the best artists, developers and designers in the world. We have developed over 55 top 25 applications in the App Store and our latest game, Battle Camp, is the world’s largest mobile MMO with over 40 million downloads. Battle Camp was the App Store’s Best Multiplayer Game and is a Top 100 Grossing App in 100 countries on iOS and Android.

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