Jobs at Wombat Studio

Santa Clara, California, USA


Wombat Studio develops technology that empowers everyone, not just professional artists, to create amazing 3D graphics and animation. Our first app, Magic Poser, helps artists/hobbyists create 3D scenes which can either be used for art pieces themselves or for art reference. It has received great traction on both Android/iOS, accumulating 2 million+ downloads worldwide and 4.7 stars on App Store. We are working towards a grander vision where everyone can be a creator in the future 3D world!

WE ARE HIRING! We have just closed a seed round backed by top VCs and angels in the interactive entertainment industry, and gathered a stellar team coming from Google, Uber, Stanford, MIT and Yale. We look forward to talented graphics/backend/mobile engineers and 3D artists joining us to build the future together!

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