Jobs at wec360°

Örebro, Närke, Sweden


wec360° is the biggest and leading 3D visualization company in Sweden. We work primarily for the construction and real estate industry, with major and significant customers such as Skanska, Peab, HSB, Riksbyggen and Friends Arena.

Long before the first cut in the sod is taken, those who think about buying an apartment can consider their new home. Wec360 ° is one of the very first companies in Sweden to show how the apartments will look like with an advanced Virtual Reality technology.

The opportunity to see - and even virtually to walk in - apartments that are not even built yet open new opportunities for home buyers. With the help of new technology, they can make better and safer decisions.

wec360 ° works in the absolute cutting edge of technology and we help our customers in their sales and marketing processes. 

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