Jobs at Virtual Realms Co., Ltd.

Wattana, Bangkok, Thailand


VIRTUAL REALMS is hiring now for an exciting original new MMORPG with a huge world famous fantasy IP, Warhammer: Odyssey

We are a Bangkok based MMO game development studio focused on creating genre defining, free to play, massively multiplayer online games for mobile and tablets.

Pioneers of the mobile MMO genre, launching our flagship 3D MMO game Celtic Heroes for iOS in 2011. Since then Celtic Heroes has been constantly expanded and improved and today it is one of the highest grossing 3D MMORPGs in the App Store, having been downloaded over 4 million times. 

In August 2019, we announced our partnership with Games Workshop to develop Warhammer: Odyssey, an exciting MMO that brings the conflict and intrigue of the Warhammer Fantasy to Android and iOS devices. 

We are successful, profitable and actively recruiting across all game development roles.

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