Jobs at TeamSava

Belgrade, Serbia


Team Sava specializes in building outstanding teams of passionate, world-class professionals and top-tier software developers for growing global hi-tech companies. Team Sava’s software developers, data scientists and designers are hand-selected from among the best talent in Serbia - Europe’s rapidly rising IT hotspot. 

Not only will you establish a team of top-notch professionals, but you will also benefit from our local presence in the country and our knowledge of the culture. We also give you access to fully equipped offices, high recruitment capacity with exposure to new workforces, human capital management and ongoing feedback. 

Meaningful collaboration is built on respectful, transparent, and long-term relationships between individuals on all levels. That is why, in order to assure that all your needs are met, we guide you through every step of the process and work together with you to assure that your business fully achieves its goals". 

With Team Sava, professionalism and passion go hand-in hand. Your team will wake up excited about overcoming challenges and continuously push their limits to accomplish great things together. 

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